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Get yourself organized with all your pet matters and
search for any pet related services, all in one place.

PETS Is Now Available
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Free download. User friendly - easy navigation and info search. Go digital with all your pet data and records and have important reminders synced to your email and social media accounts.


Pet data storage, info search, getting updates and connected with pet communities take place on the same platform.


Interactive elements via reviews, ratings, feedback and info update functions encourage better engagement between users and business providers, and nurture healthier business practise.

About PETS

Finding it difficult to juggle time between work, personal and on top of it, caring for your pets?

Constantly frustrated for not being able to get access to the right and up-to-date info especially on vital services like vets, hospitals, emergencies and even pet stores catering to your needs?

Couldn’t recall where your pet medical record cards are and can’t cope with remembering your pet details and vet appointments?

These common struggles sound too familiar and pet parents in particular could only wish for a better solution to make them feel at ease.

PETS app has been developed based on these needs, with one single objective - making hoomans lives easier.

The app offers the 3Cs; Centralization, Convenience and Control – key pertinent features benefiting both the pet parents as well as business owners.

The app is a Centralized platform for any info search on services you are looking for, for you to get connected and be updated with latest news and happenings in the pet community, and of course, to consolidate, store and manage your pet details and medical records – all in one place.

In the advent of technology, Convenience has become one the basic demands. Info search has become easier with our constant info & database updates and most importantly, the app itself and the info access are FREE. You’ll play a part in healing the planet by going digital with all your pet matters, easily synced to your email accounts and/or social media accounts especially for important reminders such as birthdays, vet appointments, grooming sessions, parties and so on.

PETS app provides better Control. Trusted brands and healthier business practices are increasingly nurtured with the availability of reviews, ratings and info edit functions, allowing further direct, better engagement between business providers and pet parents.

PETS - hooman lives made easier.

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Hooman Lives Made Easy

PETS Is Now Available
For Download.

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